Monday, December 13, 2010

Upcoming 2012 Cars Cadillac CTS Preview With Specification and prices

Upcoming 2012 Cars Cadillac CTS Preview With Specification and prices

Although a concrete release date has not been announced for the Upcoming 2012 Cars Cadillac CTS, rumor has it that the standard model should make its debut in the spring/summer of 2011. Coupe versions of the CTS will probably appear during the fall of 2011.

Cadillac CTS Design

While the Upcoming 2012 Cars Cadillac CTS is expected to be redesigned, specific points about how its body style will change have not been made public. However, it is expected to have a mesh wire grille and a more aggressive design. Although GM’s Performance Division is gone, the new CTS is expected to pack quite a wallop.

The new Cadillac CTS from the Cadillac group falls under the list of luxury models. The new Cadillac CTS comes with the 3.6 liter VVT V6 engine, which produces the 263 horse power of energy.
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The interior region of the vehicle is included with the 6-disc changer audio system with the FM/AM/RDS and MP3 and is included with the Bose 8 speaker sound system. The other features in the vehicle include the Cargo Net, Bluetooth for interfacing with the portable cell phones

The navigation system in the vehicle include a hard drive, 5.1 Bose Cabin sound system, 8 inches pop-up touch-screen with text guidance and voice detail routing. The keyless Remote Start system activates the climate control system


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